Friday, November 29, 2013

How to survive Black Friday shopping

My family has gone out on Black Friday for years. How to survive Black Friday shopping isn't bad if you make a plan. We look forward to being out among the crowds, getting deals and having a good time. The crowds are smaller now than they used to be but the same survival tips apply.

Plan ahead if you want to survive Black Friday.
Scour the sales papers the day before. Take a magic marker and circle the items that you are interested in. Highlighters work well for some people but a heavy black marker works better for me.

Plan your route.
Decide where you want to go and look at the opening times for the stores. Try to plan a route that maximizes gas mileage and lowers stress. Search "travel route planner" online to create a map.

Eat breakfast.
Grab a pop-tart, protein bar or something as you go out the door. You will need the energy.

Bring a healthy snack.
A good tip on how to survive Black Friday bring a healthy snacks. Restaurants aren't always open when you want a quick bite and may not be convenient if they are open. Ditto for bottled water.

Patience. Patience. Patience.
Expect lines at checkout, lines to get onto the parking lots and harried shoppers. Be patient with yourself and with them.

Be realistic.
You probably can't get every Black Friday deal that you want. Try to get the ones that interest you most but be okay with walking away if the store is out. You may be able to get a rain check but don't count on it. Even if the store allows them, you may not be able to get near the customer service person to get it.

Be prepared to walk.
When looking at how to survive Black Friday, this is the one tip that my kids and I make non-negotiable. There isn't a deal anywhere that is worth fighting about. If someone else seems ready to fight or argue over an item, be prepared to walk away.

Take a nap.
All the shopping takes it toll. Take a nap when you get back home. You've earned it.

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