Monday, December 23, 2013

Buy local in Knoxville for last minute gifts

The Christmas gift-buying deadline is staring you in the face. There are still people that you have to buy for. You want something unique and have only one day to shop.  Your best bet may be to buy local for last minute gifts in Knoxville.

Last year, I headed to the Tree and Vine to buy local. I had a unique last minute gift in under ten minutes. Best of all, the recipient loved it!

Gift cards for locally owned Knoxville restaurants make great last minute gifts. Aubrey's, Brazeiros Churrascaria, Copper Cellar, Litton's Market & Restaurant, Rita's Water Ice and Tomato Head are a few popular local spots.

Zoo or museum admission tickets and gift shops are great places to buy local in Knoxville. Don't forget about tickets to the Tennessee Theatre or the Bijou for last minute gifts.

Buying locally stimulates our economy. Local shops also tend to be less busy. This means that it can be quicker to get in, select your purchase and get out of the store. Knoxville has a number of terrific local businesses.

These are only a few of the locally owned businesses where you can pick up last minute gifts. Get more ideas by typing "buy local Knoxville" into your favorite search engine.

Do you shop local? What is your favorite place? Sing out in the comments form to let everyone know.

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