Thursday, December 26, 2013

Camping and Megabus among our top blog articles in 2013

We have made our list and checked it twice! Our readers have been scoping out pop-up camper modifications, traveling on Megabus and have gone here and there. Here is a list of the top posts for 2013 on You've Been Reviewed. It's in reverse order so here, we travel!
This popular low cost bus line is on the move. In 2013, riders saw the stop move from Nolansville Pike to a newer location on 4th Ave. Word is, that riders seem to prefer the new stop. 

Our favorite bus line strikes again at #4. Want the scoop on stops in Orlando? The link above has the information that you want to read. 

What can you bring? What stays behind? Is four suitcases, a carry-on, packages and a backpack allowed? Luggage restrictions are tighter and we have the scoop.

2. You've Been Reviewed
Is it any wonder that our reader's favorite page is our front door? Where else to go for the latest posts, most popular articles and links to all of our categories?

Spiffing up your RV or pop-up for camping season? We picked out three sites that inspire. Our favorite is about the camper modifications my husband and I made. Check this out to see what we did with the place.

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