Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Laptop with Windows 8 returned to the store

My laptop with Windows 8 was returned to the store. We purchased it on 11/29 and I opened it up the next day. That was less than two weeks ago. Since then my family has exceeded our allottted internet by nine units. Our typical allotment is 5 gig and many months we do not use all of it. (The exception is if our daughter is home from college.)

For us to use this much bandwith is a shocker. It's unconscionable that the increase is directly tied to my new laptop with Windows 8. This particular operating system supposedly is good for people who can stay connected and have unlimited band width. I'm am not in either category.

Living in a rural area has its challenges. Internet is available by wi-fi or dial-up. We took the wi-fi option for maximum portability. We are also on the service edge of two towers. The signal can switch from digital to analog and back. This wasn't a problem on Windows 7 but apparently freaks out Windows 8.

The wi-fi makes it possible for me to tap out travel articles from the road. That's nearly impossible when your computer freaks out at every tower change. When you go on vacation, you're going change cell phone towers. There is no way around it.

Hopefully, this article will help you learn from my fail.The moral of the story is that if you travel, the new operating system may not be for you. Look around and explore all the options before you purchase. If you do purchase, then try to be sure that you can use it on the open road or airport without problems.

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