Monday, December 09, 2013

PT Cruiser has 300,000 miles on it and counting

My PT Cruiser has 300,000 miles on it - and counting! The odometer rolled over night before last. Attached is a photo of the odometer reading. It's real folks! With proper car and maintenance your car can last this long and longer.

PT Cruiser 300,000 miles
Yes, I travel. Yes, I love it.

We previously racked up miles in our Ford Windstar. It hit 329,000 on the original engine before it just gave out. In a 48 hour period the ABS system sensor went bad, the electric window stopped working, we lost the air conditioning condenser and something went badly wrong with the radiator. That's when we hit the dealership.

I looked at a PT Cruiser but discarded the thought
in favor of a Ford Focus. Dumb move. The car was totaled after 7 payments. We took another look at the PT Cruiser, drove it again and brought it home. She's been mine ever since.

PT Cruiser in the snow
There have been some repairs along the way. We paid her off some time back. My point of no return will be at the moment that repairs outweigh the cost of new car payments. I replaced her innards with a rebuilt engine back in May. The car has been go to go since then.

And go, she has!

We've been to Knoxville, D.C., Chattanooga, Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, Pigeon Forge, Meridian and recently to Gulf Shores.

It's also my daily driver for work and errands. What kind of gas mileage does my PT Cruiser get? I thought that you'd never ask. How about 22-24 around town and up to 35 on I-75? That's with the new engine.

I love the car. Family is usually comfortable in it and even the dog likes riding in it. For me, that's good enough.

My PT Cruiser is here to stay for as long as possible. I'm not ruling out 500,000 miles someday. Are you?

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