Friday, March 07, 2014

My Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire

Have you ever heard of a Amazon Certified Refurbished Kindle? The idea of getting stuck with an unusable product normally keeps me from buying anything refurbished. The same one-year warranty covers refurbished and new Kindles. All of the latest updates are already installed.

In a few clicks a Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire was on its way. I paid a low $79 plus tax and Prime quick shipping of $3.99 for a first generation model. It couldn't come in fast enough.

 My "new" Kindle Fire arrived the very next day. A quick inventory confirmed that all promised parts were included. The packaging was good. Now it was time to slide it out of the box and fire it up (pun intended).

This is my first tablet. I didn't anticipate using it much and got the version that comes with advertisements. The only time that the ads noticeably slowed the system down was with an email app. I deleted the app and have accessed my email through the Silk browser without incident on several occasions.

My new toy may be an older model but you would never know that from how well it works. The 7" screen is clear. There are no hot pixels or fuzzy images. The touch screen is responsive. YouTube and Amazon Unbox videos are as smooth as can be. The on-board Silk browser is aptly named. 

Getting it out of my husband's hands is a problem. Another Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire is in our future. The sleek design, light weight, responsive touchscreen and great graphics are reasons to own one of these tablets. Saving money is an added incentive.

The photo you see above is of the new Kindle Fire. Click on the photo and it will open in a separate window. It's two generations ahead of my certified refurbished Kindle.

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