Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prepare for storm season when travel planning

Storm clouds: Riceville, Tennessee
Every year at around this time I start reminding friends and family to prepare for storm season. We should do this at home and when we are going to be on vacation. In some ways it may be more important to think about storm season when making travel preparations.

Driver concerns 
Road trip travelers on unfamiliar roads may be unaware of alternate routes or flood prone areas. Tune to a local radio station for call "511" from your cell phone for the latest information on traffic, weather and road conditions.
Air travel
Airline travelers can experience delays, missed connections and occasional turbulence. Allow extra time when arriving and departing from an airport. Be patient if a problem arises. Almost everyone around you will be in the same or similar situation. 

A lot of people like to leave the driving to others. It's still important to remember that buses are subject to the same traffic and road conditions as other vehicles. If the weather is rough, there may be delays or missed connections.

Your mode of travel will determine the type of storm preparations that you need to make. It's always advisable to pack snacks and water (when allowed). A rain poncho, fully charged cell phone and a small blanket can be helpful. Magazines, a book or pack of cards help fill empty time created by a travel delay.

I always suggest that travelers invest in a weather radio. Mine has been helpful several times. Giving a trusted itinerary and emergency contact information to a friend or family member is always a good idea.

Travelers go across the U.S. and beyond every day without incident. It's always better to be prepared than surprised. A few extra precautions can make any trip memorable - in a positive way. 

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