Saturday, May 03, 2014

Belk Charity Day

Today is the semi-annual Belk Charity Day. For those of us who like to shop at Belk, it's our favorite day of the year. I think that the charity day sales that are offered beat the heck out of Black Friday. Even make-up is on sale today. How often does that happen?

Special store hours are in effect so shoppers can get in early. The $5.00 tickets are required for the early entry. You can get them from any participating nonprofit organization. The full $5.00 goes to the nonprofit that the ticket was purchased from.

No advance ticket for Belk Charity Day? Here's why you don't have to worry.
Belk has them available at the store. The money still goes to charity. Each nonprofit is asked to have a table near an entrance. Storewide ticket sales are divided among the organizations that had a table.

Special sales are all over this retail department store. My husband snagged a sport coat that had a regular price tag of $220. It was on the 1/2 price rack. Then, because a store sale was in effect, there was another 25% off. And, your Belk ticket is a coupon for $5.00 off. That brought his jacket down to about $77 plus tax.  

Did I mention that the first 100 customers received a gift card that was worth between $5-$1,000. Hubby and I each received a $5.00 card. The lady next to us got a $100 dollar card. She was so happy when she found out the amount that watching her made you feel good inside.

If you missed this sale, don't worry. It's a semi-annual event. There will be another one in a few months.

Hubby and I are joking that the $5.00 Charity Day tickets ended up costing over $200 when it was all said and done. We bought several things. I told him that it's not about what you spend, but how much you save. I'm not sure that he's buying that.

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