Friday, May 30, 2014

Road trip songs for families

Planning a great American road trip this summer? Here are 20 great road trip songs for families. Create the playlist of your dreams before you hit the open road.

1. Running on Empty - Jackson Browne
Hopefully your car won't be running on empty. This is a great road trip song for families. Turn on the radio and leave the stress behind. It's perfect for families that are driving off into the sunset.

2. Ticket to Ride - The Beatles
Fans of the Beatles range from young to old. This tune is so catchy that fans love it. It's great for the car ride.

3. Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts, Tom Cochrane
You need something fun and peppy if you're going to ride the highway all night long.

4. Route 66 - Chuck Berry, Nat King Cole, Rolling Stones, John Mayer
What family road trip song could be better than one about a historic highway. You don't have to be on Route 66 with your car to get your kicks with this song.

5. I’ve Been Everywhere – Jonny Cash
 This song may have a lot of the cities that you've visited (and some you might not have seen yet).

6. I get around - Beach Boys
Talk about fun for families on a road trip! Your family can sing away the miles with this fun song.

8. Take it Easy - The Eagles
Sometimes you just want to slow down and see this sites. This is your song for travel days when you want to take it easy.

9. Roll On - Alabama
This is about a made-up song that a mama sang to comfort her family while Daddy was driving the rig. Song lyrics will make you want to sing for joy.

10. I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
Better what that speed limit when you're on vacation!

11. I'm in a Hurry - Alabama
Everyone is on a hurry to have some fun. That's what vacations are for. 

12. Livin in America - James Brown
What's great about living in America? The All-American road trip, the cities that you visit and this song by James Brown.

13. Freeway of Love - Aretha Franklin
This was one of the top selling songs in the U.S. in the mid-80's. It's peppy tune helps make for a fun road trip.

The last six songs on our playlist include:

14. Lost Highway - Bon Jovi

15. On the Road Again -  Willie Nelson

16. Where the Streets Have No Name - U2

17. Country Road - John Denver

18. Blue Highway - Billy Idol

19. Dixie Highway - Journey

20. Red Dirt Road - Brooks and Dunn

These are our picks for road trip songs for families. What's yours?