Friday, May 16, 2014

Where to park at the Megabus stop in Orlando

A lot of emails and questions have come in about where to park at the Megabus stop in Orlando, Florida. Disney, Universal Studios and all the attractions make Orlando one of the most popular tourism cities for families.

Megabus at Union Station, DC
I have made calls and done some checking. A complicating factor is that the stop in Orlando has moved as of yesterday, May 15. Megabus stop is now in the parking lot at 101-199 N Gertrude Ave. Riders can leave their car here but it's about 3 blocks to the LYNX Central Station.

Readers who have arrived late at night in other cities have mentioned hiring a cab.
The distance between the bus stop and parking may be short in the daytime. However; it can be long if you have children, baggage or aren't sure where you're going. This link to cab companies in Orlando may help you with that information.

Some parking locations at other Megabus stops have an unlimited set fee. The information for the stop in Orlando is proving to be illusive.

The City of Orlando Parking Division has information about city-owned lots downtown. It does not have the information on the Megabus stop but may be helpful in other ways.

If you park a car in Orlando, please come back and leave a comment about the cost. Other readers will appreciate the information.

Thanks for reading. As always, have a safe and fun trip! :-) 

Keep in mind that stops, parking and prices can and do change without notice. 
The information is current as of the date on this article.