Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 Reasons To Have A Maui Wedding

Beach weddings are in great demand by those who want to kick off their shoes and try something off the beaten path. But what if you're worried about sand between your toes? Here are five reasons to throw caution to the wind and walk down the aisle in Maui.


Exchange vows under the setting sun as palm trees sway rustle overhead and dolphins jump in the distance. If you're looking for spectacular, one-of-a-kind wedding photos, nothing beats the beach.

The Service

When you get married in Maui, you don't have to plan anything. Maui wedding packages will take care of the catering, the officiator and even the flowers. Depending on your chosen company, all you'll need to do is make choices and show up!

The Attractions

From the Haleakala Crater to the Kapalua Coastal Trail, Maui is full of exciting things to see and do. Hold your wedding on the beach, then travel five minutes inland for your honeymoon!

The Food

Hawaiian cuisine is some of the most unique in the world, fusing together everything from the meats of the north to the spices of east. Chow down on Polynesian arrowroot; enjoy plates of angelfish and kawele'a; brave the flavor of wasabi beurre blanc. Don't forget to try some of Maui's famous shaved ice, too!

The Memories

Holding a Maui wedding will be unlike anything you've experienced before, offering dazzling sights, great service and an unforgettable start to the new life you're sharing with the one you love. That's worth a little sand, don't you think?

Hawaii alternative
Walt Disney World is also a popular tradition for wedding couples. Their resort beaches, Polynesian resort and luau can simulate a Hawaii honeymoon destination. Attractions include theme parks, golf, Downtown Disney and more.

Tropical islands
Honeymooners on the East Coast sometimes choose Caribbean destinations. Cruises and resorts can offer sandy beaches, exotic restaurants amid a tropical paradise. Passports will be required for the island so advance planning is necessary.

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