Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Beginning our van camper conversion process

We picked up the Chevy Express 2500 last week. It's a basic panel work van. We are just beginning the van camper conversion process. There's nothing flashy about the van but it will be perfect for our needs. Our plan is to post photos as we go along.

Beginning the van camper conversion
The interior is an empty blank canvas. Here is the cavernous space that we will be working with.

Our first step in our process is to insulate the van. There is some debate over what type of insulation works the best. Choices are primarily between pink fiberglass or Reflectix. There isn't much difference in cost.
Fiberglass can hold moisture and cause the van to rust from the inside out. After much debate we decided to go with a combination of the Reflectix and foil covered styrofoam. They were easy to install and does a nice job.

Thanks HMFCU
Amazon, Lowe's and Home Depot it. The rolls are about a buck and change cheaper at Home Depot than at Lowe's but the price isn't enough to turn around for.

We are using spray glue to adhere to insulation to the van room. I wouldn't use that product again. (More to come on that disappointment!)

Our next step will be to add paneling and a plywood floor. The Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union made financing easy. We're not affiliated in any way other than the regular membership. I just wanted to give them a shoutout.

Photos of this part of the camper van conversion project will be added in a few days. Comments on the project are always welcome. Just add them in the section below.

We have done more work on the van to make it workable. It's not finished yet, but the van has exceeded expectations.