Thursday, October 02, 2014

Find Out when Fall Foliage Colors Peak in East Tennessee

Fall in the Smokies
When the hot days of summer give way to cool autumn temperatures there is one thing that everyone wants to know. 'When do the fall foliage colors peak in East Tennessee?' is the question to ask.

A common belief is that the colors peak in East Tennessee around mid-October. That's sort of true, sort of. Fall colors peak in the upper and lower mountain regions at different times. Keep reading to get more answers.

As East Tennessee natives, my family enjoys a mountain drive any time of year but autumn has a special glow. The air is cooler and it's easier for us to get out and enjoy the incredible East Tennessee mountains. Autumn hills are painted in natures colors of gold, red and yellow.

Fall colors are most brilliant in the lower regions of the mountains in mid-October. Color begins earlier in the higher elevations.Rainfall, the timing of temperature changes and length of day all play their part in the color changes of the fall foliage.

The fall colors work their way through the leaves from the tops of the mountains downward. Near the valleys of East Tennessee the fall foliage will begin to change in early October. The colors often peak here in the middle of October. Sometimes the fall foliage will peak as late as the first week of November.

The National Forest Service  fall foliage hotline opens the day after Labor Day. Visitors can dial 1-800-354-4595 find out where and when the leaves are changing. One quick call gives you the most up to date information.

Some people feel that autumn is the best time to visit East Tennessee and other people feel that every season is the right time to visit. Everyone can agree on one thing. The colors of the fall foliage leaves make visiting East Tennessee a trip to remember.

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