Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello Samsung Galaxy Centura, Goodbye LG Optimus Dynamic II

The LG Optimus Dynamic II smart phone replaced another model that broke while on a mission trip. It was was the only Straight Talk phone on the Verizon network that the Wal-Mart had where we were. The voice recognition stank and it was generally quirky. I replaced that phone with the Samsung Galaxy Centura, and wish it had been in stock the first time around.

The Samsung Galaxy Centura has been reliable so far. It's not as a good as a map, but GPS has been on the mark (again, so far). Voice navigation is loud enough to hear and it keeps a satellite signal. My old phone was prone to lose the signal, claimed that school was several hours away, and would suddenly reboot. It's nice not having to deal with those issues.

Read more about why I like the phone after the jump. The Amazon photo below opens to the detailed specs page where you can read other reviews and more about the phone.

I will post an update after using the voice recognition. Everything else has been positive, I'm expecting good things there too.

Plus, the camera and video boot up quicker and the memory is better on the Centura. You might expect that the Samsung Galaxy cost more, but it was under $70. Amazon lists it for even less. My older daughter is also on Straight Talk. I've been so happy with the Samsung, that she has it on her list of possibilities.

The SIM card was damaged when the phone was dropped this last time, so some contacts have been lost. Still, that's a small price to pay to have a reliable Samsung smart phone.