Saturday, November 01, 2014

Fall foliage in the Smoky Mountains in November

There is still some beautiful fall foliage in the Smoky Mountains in November. These photos were taken last night. You're should hurry if you're going to the Smokies to see fall foliage. The lovely colors would be gone soon. Try going this week or the weekend at the absolute latest. Rain, wind and the snow flurries that came in last night will take their toll on the gorgeous fall leaves.

The glorious color of the Smoky Mountains will be gone soon. My opinion is that this is the prettiest fall that we've had in years.

Brilliant golds and reds still covered many of the trees. It's been a spectacular year. These photos were taken in the rain and are still beautiful. If you're coming, don't wait too much longer to visit.

Did you know that the National Forest Service has a fall foliage hotline? Here's the link to our article. Information there is relevant to any part of the country, not just the Smoky Mountains.

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