Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Green Spaces and National Parks Around Washington, D.C.

When I visit the D.C. area, the last thing on my mind are the green spaces and national parks around Washington. My mind is on the monuments, sightseeing and shopping at the museums. It's a big change from the Appalachian Mountains that surround my home. For me, the trip Washington, D.C., is a break in my routine that lets me recharge.

My daughter, like other nature fans, will be glad to know that there are green spaces and national parks around Washington, D.C. Admission and amenities can and do change without notice. Double check before arriving at these or any parks. All parks on this list are either in the city itself or close by.

Rock Creek Park
5200 Glover Road NW
Washington, DC 20015

Free admission
This green national park runs from the border of Maryland down to the Potomac River. In addition to a nature center visitors can picnic, hike, take a cell phone tour and enjoy a ranger led program. Don't forget to see a planetarium show while you are there.

Getting there with mass transportation means taking the metro bus and going up the trail that leads into Rock Creek Park. Get off of the metro at either Friendship Heights or Fort Totton Use the E-2 or the E-3 bus from either metro stop. You'll see the trail.

As of June 2011, parts of the this green national park in Washington is under construction. Visitors are urged to contact the park service for information before visiting.
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
1057 Thomas Jefferson Street
Washington, D.C.20007

Fee charge
This national historic park is a treat to visit. Bicyclists and bird watchers will enjoy this one. It's a good spot to fish or kayak. Horse owners and ice skaters (seasonal) will enjoy the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. A fee is charged. View the website for details. 
Georgetown Waterfront Park
Wisconsin and K St., NW
Washington, D.C.

Free admission
This green space winds along the Potomac River from Key Bridge to the Washington Harbour complex. Paths are vehicle free so pedestrians are free to walk, bicycle or just enjoy the view of the river. It is a small park with only 10 acres but it's a relaxing oasis.

Great Falls National Park
Mclean, Virginia

Admission charged
This day use park is on the George Washington Memorial Parkway. It's only 15 miles from Washington, D.C. Visitors can picnic, hike, take a guided tour or take in one of the ranger-led programs. Overlooks 2 and 3 are handicapped accessible. Light climbing skills are required to get to the the dirt platform at Overlook 1. A fee is charged but passes are accepted.

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