Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Amazon textbook buyback buys books purchased elsewhere

This semester left me with a college textbook that wasn't used. Despite the high price when I bought it, the bookstore only offered a few bucks. The low buyback price made me start looking into where to sell college textbooks online. Guess what? You can sell textbooks online to Amazon and get a gift certificate code that can be used for anything they sell. Since my textbooks for next semester will probably come from there anyway, the gift certificate is fine with me.

However, it's confession time. I saw the buyback link a couple of weeks ago, but didn't pay much attention to it. My books were bought at the school store and my assumption was that Amazon wouldn't be interested.

Not so. It turns out that you can sell textbooks online Amazon even if they were bought elsewhere.
A little more research and I found the search box to see what books they were buying back. Sure enough. They were buying the title that I hoped to sell. Not only that, but they were offering more than the school bookstore.

Selling textbooks online to Amazon was easy. I just clicked around, printed the shipping label and plopped that book in the mail faster than you can say "textbook buyback". Amazon even paid the postage!

All of this happened just over a week ago. The gift certificate amount hit my Amazon account yesterday, so now I'm looking at what all is needed for next semester. One easy decision is already made. I'll be selling my textbooks online next semester without hesitation.

They will also buy some electronics, movies and other items. This is where I found the link and the screenshot of the gift card amount is above.


  1. I used to use this program a decent amount. I had a few in their program that I got quite a bit more than I would have from the college. In some cases, they bought books the schools wanted me to throw in the recycle bin for nothing. Seems it's even better now with the rising cost of textbooks!

  2. It's a good program. Amazon paid me more than the bookstore offered. Had I known about it earlier, they would also have taken a textbook that I got stuck with. However, all wasn't lost on that. The textbook went to a homeschooling mom that was happy to have it.