Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve at Mars Hill UMC in Englewood, Tennessee

Looking for an uplifting Christmas Eve service? If you live near Englewood, Tennessee, why not come to the Christmas Eve service at Mars Hill United Methodist Church? The drop-in communion church service for 2014 will take place from 6:00-6:30 pm. We will sing a hymns, partake of communion together and spend a few minutes in reflective prayer.

Photo: Piney Grove UMC,
Sister church to Mars Hill.

Don't be nervous or intimidated by communion. We serve it very simply. Grape juice and bread are given to symbolically represent the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Congregants take a piece of bread that they are handed, and then they dip the tip of it into the cup of juice.

Some people will stand or kneel at the altar for a minute before going back to sit down. Other people will immediately go back to their pew and some will quietly pray or have communion served to them at their seat. If you wish to have a blessing instead of taking communion, then we offer that as well. There is no wrong way to worship on Christmas Eve at our church, there is simply what makes you comfortable.

The Christmas Eve service at Mars Hill UMC is open to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ. You don't have to be United Methodist, involved in a church or have a "perfect" life to participate. If you want to come just to see what a Christmas Eve service is like, then please join us. We'll see you at 6:00 pm. at Mars Hill in Englewood, Tennessee. Here's a map link to help you find our church.

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