Saturday, December 27, 2014

How to install a floor in a camper van

We have a floor in the camper van! The Chevy Express van was an empty shell when we bought it. After looking into possible RV ownership, we decided that a van camper would perfectly suit our needs. The vinyl is the final install of the three layers of flooring. Here are some photos of how we to install a floor in the camper van.

Here is the interior of the Chevy Express as we bought it. The empty shell offers plenty to work with. The van is a blank canvas waiting for an artist.

Learning how to install a floor in a camper van seemed simple in theory. Measure, cut insulation, plywood and vinyl and install. Not so fast. The floor is filled with curves, nooks and crannies that aren't apparent at first glance. The first thing that we had to do was to pull the black rubber mat out of the Chevy and use it as a template to cut the flooring pieces. 

We removed the mat and carefully placed it on the plywood and traced around it. After we repeated the process for the vinyl, the flooring was ready to be placed in the developing camper.

Three sheets of OSB were laid side-to-side on top of the insulation and installed to make the floor of the evolving campervan. These were then secured to the van floor with sheet metal screws. The screws were then sealed on the under side of the Chevy Express to prevent rust.

Next up in the install was to lay the vinyl and trim it with a box knife. We only want to install this in the campervan once. The small lip that was left will help prevent the sub-flooring from being damaged by future spills.

The layer of vinyl was then taken off of the new floor so it could be glued in place. Getting in and out of the Express will wear down the edges of the floor pretty quickly. When gluing, special attention was paid to the edges to ensure a good seal.

Placing trim on the edge of the osb wood is the final step in how to install a floor in the camper van.

After that, we're ready to add the framework for the cabinets.

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