Friday, December 19, 2014

Lenox travel mugs for holiday or birthday gifts

My new Lenox Winter Greetings  travel mug is the ideal Christmas gift for me. It is designed for people who want their hot drink "to-go". Hubby ordered it from the Lenox travel mug from Amazon. Calling it a mug is a misnomer. A true mug with a handle would rock or tip in the car cup holder. Instead, this Lenox piece is a tumbler that fits snugly in the cup holder and keeps drinks warm like a dream.  

The photo takes you to a page with details and other reviews. The travel mug (tumbler) is made of double walled ceramic and holds about 8 ounces of liquid. It can holder hotter liquids than plastic tumblers. The downside is that the piece must be hand washed. No exceptions.

A pinpoint sized air hole is in the bottom of the Lenox travel mug. This lets the space inside the double walled tumbler expands and contracts to keep drinks hot or cold. The pinhole is a design necessity but the space easily picks up water in the dishwasher. As the hot beverage warms your mug, the water trapped between the layers releases and things get messy. Hand washing prevents the messy situation.

I first spotted the travel mug at the Lenox outlet in Sevierville. We were out of the parking lot when I started kicking myself for not buying the tumbler. Ta da! No worries. Hubby and Amazon came to the rescue. At $8.99, price was only pennies different from the outlet. Even if we weren't Amazon Prime customers, shipping cost less than gasoline to get back to Sevierville. Lenox has other travel mugs in the Butterfly Meadow pattern, monograms, and the Comfort and Joey Christmas travel mug. Any of those would make good gifts (for others or yourself). The photo of my mug opens to a page with more details and reviews.

Despite the fragility of ceramic, Lenox got this product right. I enjoy the travel mug and look forward to years of use. The Lenox replacement guarantee should kick in if it does break. This means that if the piece is available, it can be replaced for half price. A good product, a replacement guarantee and Amazon service adds up to a winning combination to me.


  1. Glad you like it. Amazon got it here faster than they projected which was very nice. The tumbler does seem very nice and the silicone lid seems sturdy.

  2. I love it, especially since it has a cardinal! I had a Mr. Coffee one a few years ago that I really liked, too, but I broke it. :(