Saturday, December 27, 2014

What Megabus riders can expect at boarding and on the bus

We looked at some of what Megabus riders can expect in an earlier article. Here, I cover a few more topics. The earlier article and be found here and will open in another window. I have found that Megabus can be a convenient way to travel, if you know what to expect.

Simply show your reservation number as you board and take your seat. The reservation number can be hand written on a piece of paper, printed from your home computer or shown to the driver on your cell phone.

Unless disabled, riders should be able to stand for 30-45 minutes at the bus stop. Megabus riders have to stow luggage under the bus. Carry-ons go the overhead bin (when available) or under the seat.


Don't expect stops on a Megabus route to be near coffee shops, restaurants or rest rooms. Bathrooms are available on the bus but you may not want to use them. Beverages will need to be consumed before boarding. However; snacks are usually permitted.

The coach bus
Double decker buses have good views from the top and a table downstairs. This photo shows the Megabus interior on a standard coach bus. Pull down shades are on the windows and there are overhead lights. The seats are fairly comfortable if firm.Some of the standard buses may have small overhead compartments, but most do not. Stow your bag under the seat or hold it for your trip.

Seating tip
A tip that one of the drivers gave me is that people with disabilities should ask for a front seat. If needed, it's easier to get the driver's attention. I was told that the drivers on most Megabus routes will put their personal gear in the front seats. People with disabilities should expect to ask Megabus drivers to be able to get these seats.

Late buses are another thing to expect on Megabus routes. Traffic, weather, road delays and new drivers can affect schedules. The routes have the same risks that all drivers face. Riders who are making connections will need to allow for extra time.

Customer service
I've come to expect Megabus to have unreliable customer service overall. Calling the customer service line at 1.877.GO2MEGA can mean a long wait. Representatives may not be able to help. Some drivers are rude.

Last word
The best answer for what to expect on Megabus routes is to remember that this is budget travel. You get what you pay for. Rider expect Megabus routes to transport you from point A to point B safely. Just don't expect much else.

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