Friday, December 26, 2014

What to expect on Megabus

As Megabus routes expand it catches the attention of new customers. Most want to know what kind of service to expect on Megabus routes. I travel on Megabus when I can.

Megabus stop. Knoxville, TN.
This article covers what to expect and provides tips so you can make the most of the experience. Megabus is owned by Coach U.S.A. To meet the rise in popularity, ia Atlanta hub was added in November 2011.

Travelers are often students, young professionals and families. Megabus is also popular with senior citizens, the disabled and value conscious consumers.

The bus service is my favorite way to get to DC from Knoxville. I am often surprised at the people who expect the ride to mimic a tour bus. Tour service isn't something to expecthings on Megabus.

Here are some things that you can expect.

Ticket prices may begin at $1.00 but they are hard to get. Book online at and book early. Prices go up as your departure date gets closer. Not only will waiting means personalizing out on churches Megabus ticketed, but riders can expect to pay between $25 - $30 dollars our more by booking at the last minute.

Cheap seats aren't the only reason for the popularity. Buses are WI-FI capable and there are electrical outlets at each seat. However, don't expect Megabus WI-FI to work. The company makes no guarantees. The website says they will 'make a reasonable attempt to provide this service. It further says that ticket refunds will not be given if the internet service doesn't work.

Arrive early
Megabus suggests arriving at the bus stop 30 minutes before departure. This may be fine for smaller stops but not for larger stops. Buses of different companies may share large lots. Arriving at least 45 minutes before departure allows time to find the corral for the bus you need.

Bus stops: What you need to know
Riders should expect Megabus routes to have outdoor bus stops. Riders are exposed to the elements while waiting. It's a good idea to consult the weather forecast before heading to the bus stop. Dressing in layers may be helpful.

Do not deviate from the Megabus luggage restrictions of one bag and one carry on. I saw a group of crying college-age girls get left behind in a parking lot at 3:00 am over luggage. They had several bags each and the hold was nearly full. The girls had been dropped off and didn't want to leave their bags in the empty parking lot. The bus driver had to leave them.

Customer service
The drivers will get you there and back but that's about it. The toll-free number isn't answered after about 9:00 pm Eastern time. Riders are often directed to email the company. Customer service is about as non-existent as you can get.

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