Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to choose a honeymoon destination

Knowing how to choose a honeymoon destination is just as important as finding the right cake or wedding venue. Destinations that are as unique as the bride and groom, or traditional spots like sandy beaches, are popular choices. Here are some ideas on how to choose a honeymoon destination that will have newlyweds packing in no time.

Kingston, Tennessee
Although some couples ask wedding guests to pitch in on the cost, there is no way to know who will help (or how much). A realistic budget can alleviate the planning stress when looking at how to choose a honeymoon destination. Remember, it’s easier to expand a budget at the last minute, than to reduce it.

Sand, water or mountain air?
Think in general terms before choosing a specific locale. What speaks to you? Do warm sandy shores appeal or are you a couple that likes high rolling action? Make a list of cities or geographic regions that offer the honeymoon destination possibilities that you like. Leave plenty of space on the paper to scribble in additional notes.

What attractions do you enjoy?
Next, consider the specific activities and attractions that you both enjoy. Do you like to shop, visit theme parks or stroll through gardens? Mark or highlight the potential destinations that can provide your top choices.

Getting around.
Don’t just think about how you will get there, think about how you will get around after arriving. Will you rent a car, take a tour or catch a tourism shuttle? When looking at how to choose a honeymoon destination, transportation is sometimes an afterthought. Don't make that mistake. Circle the remaining cities on your list that provide the transportation you want.

Check the weather.
Unless you don’t mind hitting your dream destination during monsoon or avalanche season, check the weather forecast during the planning stages. Check travel and tourism websites for the information.

Deal breakers
Take a close look at your list. Are there any obvious deal breakers that stand out? If so, cross those cities off of your list.

Final decision
By now, your honeymoon destination decision should be in sight. All that you have to do now is make your reservations, pack your bags and get ready for the big day!