Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Indian Boundary Campground: Serenity on the Cherohala Skyway

Indian Boundary Campground is more than the name implies. My family stopped there while we were on our Tennessee road trip and enjoyed it. The campground recreational area offers a lake front swimming beach, hiking trails and other amenities. It's a good road trip stop for families, couples or individuals.

Indian Boundary Campground
Indian Boundary Campground is located in Monroe County, Tennessee is about 30 minutes from the entrance to the skyway. Get there by going to the visitor center in Tellico Plains and follow the signs to the Cherohala Skyway. You will see the signs for Indian Boundary Campground just after entering the skyway.

A well shaded picnic area at the campground afforded us with the opportunity to stretch our legs and enjoy the Cherokee National Forest. This a quiet spot is away from the Cherohala Skyway just enough that passing cars cannot be heard.

From our very first visit, what we found at Indian Boundary Campground put it on our list of favorite places. Camp sites are limited to two vehicles and five people. All spaces have electrical hookups but water is placed at every other camping spot. Indian Boundary Campground sites are paved, flat and well shaded.

One of the things that we liked about the Indian Boundary Campground was the family atmosphere. It is a lively place. Kids were out in force and seemed to be having a good time. Almost everyone waved as we went through.

Cherohala Skyway
Indian Boundary Campground looks to be very well maintained. The bathhouse is modern and each camping spot had a picnic table, grill and hanging hooks. Being able to make reservations online helps add to our attraction.

There are bears in the Cherokee National Forest. Signs at the entrance urged campers to maintain bear proof food storage and put all rubbish in the bear proof bins. Noncompliance attracts bears and may result in a stiff fine.

The campground offers both a ranger station and camp store. You can pick up firewood or other items from the store. Please note that the Indian Boundary Campground is under a firewood quarantine. Firewood must be picked up at the store, off the ground or locally. If you have any questions, ask any ranger for help.

The quarantine is an attempt to prevent the spread of the Aisan Longhorned Beetle and other insects. These non-native species are sometimes carried from forest to forest through the transport of firewood. Despite their tiny size the beetles can devastate a forest. Please don't contribute to the problem by bringing outside firewood into the Cherokee National Forest.

Indian Boundary Campground is an enchanting place to stay and offers many recreational activities. Camp sites are well shaded and spacious. The loops offer a good place to walk or ride bikes. Bring the ingredients along to roast smores over and evening campfire.

The popular swimming beach is only a couple minutes away by car. In addition to other trails, hikers enjoy the trail that winds around the water's edge. The night sky fills with stars on clear evenings.  Indian Boundary Campground is not within walking distance. Getting there by car takes only a minute or two. The whole recreation area is ideal for taking photos.

The lake covers almost 100 acres. Several people were there with fishing poles in hand. A Tennessee fishing license is required. The Indian Boundary Campground store may have information on licenses. A boat dock is available there and the lake is surrounded by a walking trail.

Signs at the Indian Boundary Campground indicate that the road accommodates vehicles up to 26 feet long. Vehicles that are longer than that probably won't be able to get through. There are some close turns that would make large RV navigation difficult to impossible.

Fees are charged at the campground for the space and for the electrical hookup. There is also a fee at the recreational area. Some discounts are available. Prices and hours of operation change without notice and are seasonal.

Visitors are told not to call the Indian Boundary Outpost with questions about reservations or the campground. Instead, visitors are directed to contact the Tellico Plains Ranger Station for information on fees, directions or other details.

Stopping at the Indian Boundary Campground added to our Cherohala Skyway experience. It's location within the scenic beauty of the Cherokee National Forest, recreation area and amenities makes us want to come back for more.