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Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World is Way Cool Dude

Pop Century Resort has been my 'home' at Walt Disney World on several visits. The hidden parking lot is a good place to leave the car. Disney transportation, uniqueness and staff puts Pop Century at Walt Disney World at the top of my list of places to stay.

Pop Century opened in 2003 and is one of four value resorts at Walt Disney World. Other value resorts are All Star Sports, All Star Movies and All Star Music. The Pop Century Resort offers budget accommodations with access to Disney transportation, a food court and a whopping 5,000 square foot shopping area.

Parking and check-in
The Classic Hall lobby at Pop Century is a museum of memorabilia that represents several decades. Animated movies by Walt Disney help keep kids happy during check-in. After you present identification, the cast member who checks you in will give you a folder with a map and keys. It also has valuable information about the extra magic hours at the parks.

Off-map parking lot
We try to stay in the 1980s section of Pop Century. An off-the-map parking lot is around the far corner of the building there. If you are staying in this section it is more convenient to park the car here than anywhere else.

Room size
Rooms at Pop Century Resort are 263 square feet. Hubby and I had enough room to walk around but a family will be cramped. A table and two chairs, large TV and a dresser were in the room. A Disney themed wall display for the decade added flair. An iron and board are in the cubby.

A few things are not included
One drawback is that the room is void of both a refrigerator or coffee pot. Refrigerators are available for an extra charge. Pop Century waived the fee when we provided medical documentation. Guests are welcome to bring a coffee pot.
Surprisingly, the internet is not free nor is it wireless. A cable for it is in the cubby with the ironing board.

Go green
The bed itself was firm but comfortable. I also liked that the bathroom had a retractable clothesline. Pop Century Resort has been certified to be green by the state of Florida. There is a trash receptacle and recycling receptacle in every room.

Food court off hours reduces crowds
The food court is between the retail shop and the lobby. Trips to the food court get a little crazy. At Disney's Pop Century resort everyone seems to want to eat meals at the same time. Hitting it during the off hours reduced lines and made breezing through checkout possible.

Food here is similar to what you might find in a mall food court. The choices range from hot to grab-and-go from the cooler. Many of the choices at Pop Century is your typical fast food but healthier fare is available.

The decades theme
The imagineers at Walt Disney World worked their magic all aspects of Disney's Pop Century Resort. Each section is divided into a different decade. Massive characters, bowling pins, a four story laptop, mammoth Big Wheel and more add their own pizzazz. Peace Pizza delivers hot pies to your room room a souped up Volkswagen bus - complete with rooftop surfboard. Plus, tye-dyed cheesecake is available from the food court.

Remember sock hops and poodle skirts? This decade of Disney's Pop Century resort does. A four story pair of dancers bee-bopp on the side of the building. At 65 feet tall these bowling pins definitely attract attention.

Love and happiness is the theme for this Pop Century resort. Water shoots from three massive recreated flowers at the Hippy Dippy pool. Peace symbols and flowers are back in force.

Silhouettes dance the disco nights away. The Big Wheel here brings back fond childhood memories. This one at Disney's Pop Century Resort claims to be sturdy enough to hold an 877 pound child. Gigantic 8-track tapes, rotary telephone and huge tabletop soccer players compliment the look.

Remember those old cell phones? At Disney's Pop Century the old cell phones are four stories tall and stand next to a laptop of roughly the same height. Visitors will also see a 41 foot tall replica of the Rubix cube. How's that for cool?

The Walt Disney World imagineers prove that this decade was just as fun as the earlier years. To prove the point the swimming pool is shaped like a computer. The laundromat in this section of Pop Century resort has been cleverly disguised as a floppy disk drive. Giant floppy disks near the pool area add extra splashes of color.

Final word
Hubby and I only need the room to sleep and rest during the afternoon heat. I feel that we get more than we pay for. The theme, perks, price and staff at Disney's Pop Century Resort adds extra fun to our Walt Disney World adventure.

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