Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why buy a refurbished Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon

Going back to school means upgrading my older refurbished Kindle. I decided to buy a  refurbished Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon instead of a "new" one. My new tablet has the features that I want at an affordable price. But, is it reliable?

Amazon offers the same warranty on a Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire HDX as they do on the pricier model. The reduced cost made it possible to buy one with more memory than I could have afforded otherwise. That should give me plenty of space for any necessary electronic textbooks.

The Kindle Fire HDX has an amazing display. It's slimmer and lighter than my slightly older version, although it feels just as sturdy. The front facing camera will be good for Skype study sessions. The link above has all of the details on the refurbished Kindle HDX.

Another reason to buy a refurbished Kindle from Amazon is their trade-in program. It works like the textbook buy back program. Click the banner below to find the trade-in value and then send them the older version. They'll credit your account with a gift certificate that you can use on anything in their store. It takes a few days for processing, but the cost savings may be worth it.

So, why buy a certified refurbished Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon? Why not?