Monday, April 13, 2015

Pancake breakfast fundraiser update for mission team

Here is the pancake breakfast fundraiser update that you have all been waiting on. This series is a departure from the normal articles that appear on You've Been Reviewed. Given the local interest it seemed best to post updates here. This way everyone can stay abreast of the developments. After all, it isn't every day that a team from the churches in our area get to share God and learn about Him in turn, in Alaska.

The pancake breakfast fundraiser at Wesleyanna UMC was a success. Lots of new faces joined the team in the fundraising efforts. Tickets were priced at $5.00 which included all-you-can-eat pancakes, plus sausage, scrambled eggs and drinks.

Profit from the fundraiser was around $875. People were generous enough to donate items, or to provide funding, so that the cost of raw ingredients were covered. Sausage, pancake mix and syrup were donated by individuals that wanted to help. Several others gave the funds to provide other essentials. The end result was a pancake breakfast fundraiser that gave a 100% profit margin and people tossed in a few extra dollars here and there.

Also, everyone seemed to have a good time. That's important when you're trying to raise money for any cause.

Other fundraisers are coming up. There is a murder mystery dinner at Jones Chapel UMC on April 25, the team will be hosting a jewelry party where 80% of the jewelry price will go to the mission team. A photographer will be taking family portraits in time for Mother's Day. A yard and/or craft sale is also being discussed.

The team is also accepting donations of craft supplies and Vacation Bible School materials for the trip. Email me at if you can help with items. 

Keep watching this blog as we go along. We'll be posting updates on our travels as we go along and about all other future events. It should be a fun ride. Thanks for virtually coming with us on the mission trip!

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