Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pet Friendly Vacation Accommodations

It’s almost vacation time and you are wondering what type of accommodations best suit your family and your pet.  We had that same dilemma years ago.  Traveling with a pet requires planning and thought.  You can’t just pull off the highway and hope the local motels are pet friendly. 

Staying at a motel with a dog for one night is one thing, staying at a motel for a week’s vacation with a dog is a different story altogether. That is why we switched from motel stays to cottage or cabin rental accomodations.

Depending on where you plan to park yourself for a week, depends on whether you rent a cottage/house or a cabin.  Usually cabins are in the mountain areas such as Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee or Blue Ridge, Georgia. You won’t find many cabins along the east coast, that’s mainly houses/cottages.

My husband fishing in the backyard of a rental cottage, Hayesville, NC...check out the view!

You could stay in a very nice motel and pay upwards of $100 a night and what do you get?  You get:  a bathroom, a bed, TV, maybe a small fridge/microwave combo and a table or desk.  You also get neighbors on both sides of you as well as above and below you.  You may or may not get quiet and don’t forget the noises of car doors and room doors slamming at all times of the day and night.

When looking at various vacation rentals you get to pick the house with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need, you get a yard for the dogs or kids to play in, you usually get at least two TV’s, free WIFI, a regular full kitchen, a laundry room and comfy furniture.  You also get privacy and peace and quiet!  Add up the price of the motel compared to the price of the rental home – for us the rental home wins hands down.

Even if you are not traveling with Fido, I would bet the farm you would rather have a cozy quaint cottage at the beach or a log cabin in the mountains compared to a motel room.  This way, if you just happen to catch a few fish you will have a kitchen to cook them in!  If you don’t want to cook, you can still eat out…but you will have the option and that’s nice.

In future articles I will tell you about the site I use and some of the rentals we have stayed in.

Cozy family room at a cottage rental in McCayesville, GA

Photos belong to AbbyG