Friday, May 15, 2015

Pasta, Passion and Pistols mystery dinner fundraiser update

The Mystery Dinner at Jones Chapel UMC was well received. Pasta, Passion and Pistols is a mystery dinner kit that we ordered from Amazon. Once we got the concept down, the team adapted it to meet our fundraising needs. Everyone seemed to genuinely have a good time at the dinner.

Morguefile: Pasta
Credit: Michela

Every dollar counts when your mission team wants to travel to Alaska. So, we held A silent auction  in conjunction with the murder mystery dinner. You should have seen the adorable flowerpot critter that was created by one of our members! It just about stole the show. Other popular items were a silver plated tray, a super cute tea set and family tree photo frame.

Jewelry garnered quite a bit of attention. My daughter, a friend and I created some dazzling pieces. (See the jewelry page on this site.)

Overall, the Alaska Mission Team raised over $1000. That'll help fatten the bottom line. We have a long way to go, but it's looking good. Our next fundraisers include a jewelry sale, jewelry party and yard sale. There may be a couple of other opportunities to help our team travel to Alaska. I'll be posting more details as they develop.

In the meantime, keep our traveling team in your thoughts and prayers. My husband and I begin our road trip late next month, the rest of the team will be flying. Knowing that it will be the first flight for at least one person adds to the excitement.

Here is more information on the murder mystery dinner kit that our mission team used.

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