Saturday, June 27, 2015

Alaska bound: The drive of a lifetime, take two

Heading to Alaska is my trip of a lifetime, take two. The first time was when my daughter and I piled into my PT Cruiser and headed for the open road of the Alaska Highway. Hubby didn't make that trip up in 2009, but he did get to ride back with us. He gets to go for the entire mission trip this time and I am thrilled that he's by my side.

We turned our Chevy Express into a campervan with plans to use it for mission trips. It's more comfortable than a tent and should be perfect for the Alaska Highway. All we need to do is pack the car, gas and go.

The drive is pretty good. At roughly 8500 miles, driving to Alaska isn't a bad trip, but its probably the farthest distance that most people will drive - us included. We'll have frost heaves and animal encounters. Otherwise, I don't expect any surprises.

Our purpose is to travel from Knoxville to do a VBS there. We are two people out of a team of nine who are going. The other team members are flying. Everyone is excited about VBS, cultural experiences and participating in worship.

I invite you to sit back, relax and virtually go driving to Alaska with us. We'll be gone around a month. Staff writer Abby G. will keep you informed on all things local. Her article What us a Moon Pie is a fun article. Be sure to check it out while you're waiting for my next update.

See you on the road. :-)

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