Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Easy Wasys to Save Money at Restaurants

Whether you are going out to dinner locally or you are on vacation and dining out, we all love to save a few dollars on our meals by getting free stuff.  As soon as I became a “Senior Citizen” I began exploring ways to save a few dollars on restaurant meals.  Here are a few easy ways we all can do just that:

I love that word!

Save Money at Restaurants by Asking for a Discount:

Many restaurants offer senior discounts although they might not advertise that fact.  Therefore, the best advice I can offer is for you to speak up by asking the restaurant directly.  If you want to call ahead of your visit to find out you certainly can do that.  If you plan on dining out whether a particular restaurants offers a discount or not then wait until you get there to ask.  Asking is free!

Save Money at Restaurants by Joining E-Clubs:

Here is another popular way to save money while dining out.  Many restaurants offer membership to their e-clubs.  All you have to do is go to the website of a restaurant and check it out.  If they do have an e-club, just sign up and start the benefits rolling your way.

To help you out in this I am providing a link to a website that has done all the hard work.  They have an alphabetical listing of *restaurants that offer e-clubs*.  Just scroll through and find your favorites or any you would like to try.  Click on the link to the restaurant of your choice and follow the instructions to sign up.  The more you sign up with the more money you will save!

Save Money at Restaurants by Joining their Birthday Clubs:

The birthday clubs are something you can sign up your whole family for.  Example:  My husband and I both are signed up with IHOP’s Birthday Club and we each get a free short stack on our special day. (Although IHOP isn’t on the attached list, you can go to their website and sign up for their birthday club.) You usually get an e-mail from the restaurant telling you how to proceed.  Be sure to take the e-mails to the restaurants with you if so stated in their message.

I am providing another link with an alphabetical listing of *restaurants offering Birthday Clubs*.  Be sure to click each link and follow the instructions. 

If you favorite restaurant isn't on either of the lists, go to their website to find out if they have e-clubs or birthday clubs.  Be sure to pass this information along to your friends!

Saving a few dollars, getting free stuff or a discount, it all adds up.  Its fun tracking down these savings so get busy and enjoy!

Check out Starbucks' Website for Free stuff!


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  1. Save a few dollars here and few there and you can easily afford to go out a little more often. Great ideas. You can also check out your intended restaurant online before you go to see if they have any printable coupons. We recently saved $5 on our total ticket and even printed out an extra coupon for the couple we were meeting for dinner!! Fortunately the entrees were hefty portions and it kept me from falling in the trap of getting a 'free dessert' (equal to the price of my coupon).