Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Quick Glance at Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge, GA is about a two-hour ride from my neck of the woods in Tennessee.  We have visited there several time over the last 14 years and decided it was time for another trip!  Once that was determined I set out to find a rental cottage on the Toccoa River in either Blue Ridge or Mineral Bluff.

The Toccoa River in Mineral Bluff, GA

I went to (Vacation Rental By Owners) and did a search for pet friendly rentals.  I looked at several but I chose the “Merry Rose Cottage”.  It sits in a secluded area and it is within 40 feet of the river.  If we were in the mood to tube the river there were tubes available for us.  Many of the rentals on the river provide them.

My dog on the deck watching the action on the river.
Once that was settled I checked out the restaurants that we know from previous trips and also checked out the menus for some new places.  I read about a pizza joint by the name of Blue Jeans Pizza and Pasta Factory.  

From the write-up about the owners I knew the pizza would be very authentic and my husband would love it.  It is, and he did!  I should have taken a photo of it, but he was much faster than I was, sorry about that. 

We got some bagels at a new place called the Blue Ridge Bagel Depot.  Being a New York Style bagel lover I was not all that impressed with these bagels.  I can’t sugar-coat it, I have to be honest.  I think you can get better bagels at the grocery store.

Our favorite dinner spot, before and still, is Christy Lee’s Courtyard Grille right in town.  We have eaten there several times and were never disappointed.  The Prime Rib is out of this world!  We met the owner, Brenda, during a visit a few years ago.  I had written a review of the place and she actually put that review on her website.  That site I wrote for at the time is now defunct and the review no longer exists, but it was fun being ‘famous’ for well over two years.

Prime Rib at Christy Lee's

It is peaceful here on the river; the only sounds are the people in tubes floating by laughing and chatting.  It is a nice place to unwind and let go!  Whether you are into water activities, hiking, shopping or eating, there is something for everyone in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

There is more to Blue Ridge, Georgia but it’s now up to you to check it out here for yourself!

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  1. Well now I want to go tubing, work up an appetite, and go to Christy Lee's for dinner! Sounds like a little piece of heaven. Who doesn't want to unwind and just listen to the sound of the river rushing by and birds singing in the trees? Its nice to have your tips on dining so we don't have to waste our time and money trying out locations. From photos it looks like you have a puppy that wants to do some exploring!