Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Southern Charm" Restaurant, Blue Ridge, Georgia

During our recent visit to Blue Ridge, Georgia we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Christy Lee’s Court Yard Grille.  I can’t say a thing bad about that restaurant except I wish it was in my backyard!

We almost went back to Christy Lee’s our last night of vacation, but I decided to try to find something new, something different, a place we had not tried before.  I have no clue why my restaurant searches didn’t pick up Southern Charm until that day.  My husband and I both wish I had found it sooner!

I was also curious as to why I hadn’t heard of Southern Charm during our previous visits to the area.  That’s easy, it didn’t open until 2013 and the last time we were there was 2011.

This place is loaded with "Southern Charm"

I saw the photo of the restaurant on their website, and thought how adorable it was!  Just my kind of place so I read the menu and was happy to find out their menu held several items that I would like.  My husband is easy; I knew he would get a burger if nothing else caught his eye or his taste buds!

Off we went to find this new taste treat…

Once seated we were hand menus and we ordered our drinks.  I usually avoid sweet tea at a restaurant as I have never had a really good glass of it out.  I had read some reviews and knew I would be happy with it at this restaurant – and I was.  It was served in a mason jar and it was the absolute best sweet tea ever. 

I love a good pot pie and guess what they had on the menu – Grandma’s Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie!  It isn’t your typical pot pie with a bottom and top crust.  It was more like a bowl of pot pie filling with two southern biscuits in the bowl also.  It was the perfect item for me to order and I couldn’t have been happier.  I choose a baked sweet potato (served with butter and brown sugar on the side) and steamed broccoli as my two sides.

Grandma's Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie

My husband did order a Burger and Cole Slaw. He declared it was a better burger than he has had at several restaurants recently.  See, I knew that’s what he would get!

Great burger says my husband!

Let me back-track a little, while waiting for our dinners they served two Southern Biscuits with a small dish of the best apple butter (warm) that I’ve ever tasted.  I should have bought some to bring home….darn!

The atmosphere was great, the service was fast, the prices were reasonable and the food was excellent.  If you plan a trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia make sure you check out Southern Charm’s website and read their menu and their specials.  I know you will find something you like and once you visit you will want to make a return trip.

PS:  We ordered a slice of Grandma’s Coconut Cake to-go.  It certainly was a southern charmer of a cake…be sure to ask about it.

Southern Charm
224 W. Main St.
Blue Ridge, GA

Photos belong to AbbyG


  1. This sounds like the type of restaurant that you want to go out of your way for to have a satisfying dining experience. There are so many 'corporate' restaurants that they vie for space on every street. In the past the joke was always that there was a gas station on every corner but now its drive through fast food joints of every disgusting kind! How delightful to find a real restaurant, with really good service and food, homemade food! I can't bring myself to eat the Sysco factory food specials that most establishments call 'homemade'. Seriously?! What a wonderful way to end your vacation trip, more like a celebration dinner. The biscuits have to be a winner and to have them with warm apple butter and then with chicken pie, oh my! We love coconut and would like to know just how good the cake was. A trip to Blue Ridge sounds like it has some real treats in store.

  2. I am not a burger guy any longer (tired of 'em), but the chicken pie looks fabulous!

  3. Hubby would enjoy the Rainbow Trout that the menu lists. As for me, I'd take the pot pie any day. You have a real knack for finding interesting places. We'll be sure keep this one in the back of our minds.