Thursday, August 20, 2015

Alaska Highway talking rocks leave messages of love

Talking rock messages on the Alaska Highway is a long standing tradition. You pull over, arrange your stones and drive away. No one was able to tell us how it all began. Someone guessed that it was to alleviate boredom. Another theory is that the talking rocks on the Alaska Highway are messages from one lover to another.

I first saw the talking rock messages from the car during my 2009 Alaska Highway. The breeze created by the occasional passing car made standing by the road difficult at times. Exploring the rocks was easier after we descended the short bank to get to them. Once at the bottom, we could place our own small message on the hillside.

Some of the rock messages included:
 I love her./I love him back.
Give me Guinness
Hearts and initials or names
The stones were sometimes carefully collected so that the words were in a single color, others were spray painted. All were painstakingly placed. Whatever the origin of the talking rock messages, it looks like the movement is here to stay.  Snow and rain may wash the words away but someone will soon leave another statement of talking rocks on the Alaska Highway.  

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