Sunday, August 09, 2015

Beaverlodge, Alberta; Home of one massive beaver!

Beaverlodge, Candada is home to the biggest beaver in the world. Placed in 2004, the Giant Beaver Structure was unveiled in 2004 as part of the Beaverlodge 75th anniversary celebration. Displays surrounding the structure tell of the real animal's characteristics, habits and traits. The plaques are interesting, but not as eye-catching as the biggest beaver in the world.

We were 2, 720 miles from home when the world's largest beaver caught my eye. It's placement on the Alaska Highway in Beaverlodge, Northern Alberta makes it pretty hard to miss.

Hubby was asleep when I whipped the van off the Alaska Highway in Northern Alberta, but that didn't last long. The massive sculpture that caught my eye bore a striking likeness to his high school mascot - the beaver! Passing it without taking photos was unthinkable. I slid the van into a spot next to two RVs and snapped away.

There is plenty of gravel parking right next to the attraction. It only took a few minutes to see the giant beaver, but the laughs have lasted much longer than that. It's a fun quirky stop on the Alaska Highway that you don't want to miss. We didn't want to anyway.

Thinking about stopping on your drive? Here's a link to Beaverlodge, AB.  You may be interested in knowing that the massive critter was coated with 90 gallons of polyurethane. It was built in two sections by Heavy Industries in Calgary, and delivered brought in through Edmonton by Domart Energy and site prep was done by Dick's Sand and Gravel.

I can just imagine it being trucked down the road. Do you think it caught as much attention then as it does now?


  1. Ha, ha, ha! :D I love that. I'd have to take a photo too. That's really cool!

  2. Hi Kim! It's an honor that you came by. I chuckle every time I picture it being hauled down the road.