Saturday, August 22, 2015

Matanuska glacier on scenic Glenn Highway

We finally got to see the Matanuska Glacier under clear blue skies! The first time that I saw the glacier was very late at night during my first trip to Alaska. The Matanuska Glacier is between Glenallen and Palmer. We were going from Tok to Willow, Alaska on that mission trip when sight of the magnificent ice floe stopped us in our tracks. If you're coming from Anchorage, Matanuska Glacier is about 100 miles away on Glenn Highway (AK-1).

The last photograph in the series talks about tracking a moving glacier. Until seeing the display, I didn't know that glaciers don't sit still. They move and they change. Scroll down to the final photo and click on it to read more about movement.

Hubby and I contented ourselves with viewing the glacier from the overlooks. We thought about camping but nixed it due to time constraints. According to the Matanuska Glacier State Recreational Site, where we might have camp, indicates that access to the ice floe is on private land. If you want a closer view, the Glen Highway National Scenic Byway website details about fees, getting there and mentions a 15 minute hike.

Calling it "massive" is an understatement. It towers an impressive 13,000 feet high and is roughly 24 miles wide. You literally can't miss Matanuska Glacier on the Glenn Highway. Make sure your batteries are charged. This is one incredible sight.

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