Friday, August 14, 2015

Pink Mountain, British Columbia; 2812 miles from home

We found a stunning view from Pink Mountain in British Columbia. Yukon is beautiful. The Alaska Highway was often lined with wildflowers against a backdrop of tall trees and crisp blue skies. The view from Pink Mountain was glorious. When I told the representative at the tourism center I wanted to stop a place with supplies and a place to get out of the car, she immediately suggested Pink Mountain.
We found the community at Mile 143 on the Alaska Highway. My husband and I were 2,812 miles from home and wanted to get out of the car for awhile. The tourism representative was right. Pink Mountain fit our needs perfectly. 

The community is just over 100 miles from Fort St. John and four miles from the turn off to the Pink Mountain Provincial Park. There is an RV park and campground, gas station and small store where we could buy supplies and gas up.

A side road that connects to the RV park driveway heads down the hill. I probably wouldn't walk on it after a rainfall, but on this summer day, it provided a good place to stretch our legs for a few minutes. Certainly, we marveled at the view.

I was told that caribou, bison, elk and moose are sometimes seen along the Alaska Highway on Pink Mountain. An occasional mountain goat or Dall sheep are reputed to make the occasional appearance. Although we kept our eyes peeled, wildlife along this part of the road proved to be elusive.

However, we frequently spotted various forms of wildlife along the Alaska Highway. Just because we didn't see any in the Pink Mountain area this time, doesn't mean that a herd of animals won't appear on our next visit. I'll be keeping my camera batteries charged and memory card in my camera, just in case.

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