Saturday, August 29, 2015

Teslin, Yukon and Nisultin Bay Bridge

A cold rain was falling on Village of Teslin, Yukon when we pulled up to this overlook. I hopped out to take photos but didn't stay long. It was cold in Teslin, but that was okay. A little rain and wind wasn't going to keep me from getting photos of the Nisultin Bay Bridge and the Village of Teslin. No way!

This is an engineering wonder. Nisutlin Bay Bridge is the third one to span the bay. Not only is it pretty but at 1,917 feet, this Yukon wonder is the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway.

Swirling rain made the warm van sound better every minute. Before leaving I paused to pull my jacket tight and think of all the gutsy people who put those steel beams together in the harsh Yukon winter. No way could I do that! The world needs heroes and to me, these workers qualify. My hat tips to each one.

I took a minute to gaze at the view before heading to the Village of Teslin. The tundra spreading before us holds the 5,480 ha Nisultin River Delta National Wildlife Area and the largest freshwater delta in Yukon. How neat is that?

Next we drove down the mountain, across the bridge and into the Village of Teslin. We soon found the Nisultin Trading Post. If you need gas or groceries, then this is the place to stop. They even have an 8 room hotel. Need I mention that it's a great place to get a free cup of coffee?

You will want to stop here if you drive the Alaska Highway through Yukon. The Village of Teslin is at Mile 804 on the Alaska Highway. The overlook is about  8-10 miles before that mark (if you're coming from the south). There is a large parking area and a vault toilet.

There is an RV park, campground, the store and gas station and museums in town. It's about two hours from Whitehorse and over three hours from Watson Lake. This road trip break put us 3,578 miles from home, but we still had a long way to travel. Our next planned stop was the Old Log Church in Whitehorse, Yukon.

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  1. I've always wanted to visit Alaska. I thought that I posted a comment here the other day, but I must have been side-tracked and it didn't send. Anyway, what a wonderful trip that must have been. What a beautiful place! A free cup of coffee is always a plus. I wouldn't stay awake without it, especially while traveling.