Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Amazon Prime for $67 on Friday

Can you believe that Amazon Prime is on sale for $67.00 this Friday? (September 25). It applies to new customers only and it's only available for one day. I have never seen it go on sale before and am exited about it. The Amazon Prime for $67 is celebrating the five Emmys that they took at the 67th Emmy Awards. It might be that a membership would make a good early Christmas or birthday gift.

Hubby and I have been happy members for years. Amazon Prime free shipping is my favorite benefit, but you also get unlimited video and music streaming. I can't stream because my internet connection is lousy, but mention free shipping and now we're talking.

Getting Amazon Prime for $67 is a deal, but our membership means more to me than just free shipping. I have never had a broken item or missing parts. This isn't to say that a package couldn't arrive in disarray. It just hasn't yet. That's pretty amazing when you consider all the things that we have ordered.

Amazon Prime free shipping applied to the roof rack we got for the van, videos and books a luggage cart and the mouse I ordered a couple of years ago. Never mind that we got free shipping on the Mr. Buddy Heater, my daughter's dishwasher and the inflatable boat we bought for her birthday one year.

Normally ordering from an Amazon link on this site would help me earn a minuscule commission, but it would surprise me if that applied to this sale. You never pay more by ordering through a link on my site. I just wanted to mention it in the spirit of full disclosure.The link below should go to the special after it goes live on Friday. In the meantime, you can start reading about the membership now.

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