Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Blog Contest to celebrate 600,000 page views

We are celebrating 600,000 page view milestone. The first contest begins now! To thank you for making this travel blog so popular, I’m having at least one contest (and maybe more). If you’ve not familiarized yourself with the rules, now is a good time. They can be found on this link.

The first item that we are giving away is one of my favorite travel necessities. In the age of GPS, computers, smart phones and connectivity devices, but a road trip, travel or vacation experience demands something else. What is it? (See italicized hints below.)

Correct answer number one wins my favorite version or style of this item. A good one of these is hard to find! You may guess or you may search You’ve Been Reviewed. The answer is within this blog.

All you have to do to participate is leave a comment on this blog post with the right answer. Be sure to leave your email address in the comment, as I will need it to get in touch with you. Your information will not be shared except for shipping purposes (the item will come from Amazon).

Thanks for participating and good luck! :)

Hint: One of these may help you find your way on your next road trip. I'd be lost without one!


  1. Replies
    1. Congrats on winning! :) That was a great guess!

  2. Travel brochures or those coupon newspapers from the rest areas?

  3. I'm going to say a GPS. I don't have one, but I certainly need one. I'm directionaly challenged! :)

  4. Oops... forgot to add my email address. I'm memory challenged too. LOL It's bluecrystalsky16@yahoo.com

  5. All of you had great guesses. The one who nailed it off the bat was OK Kinderhook. She'll be getting her 2016 Rand McNally atlas in a few days. OK, I hope you get as many miles out of yours as I do mine. Kim and Jennifer, I'll be having another giveaway in a few days. Check back or keep following me on Twitter or G+. Thanks for participating. :)