Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Look who won the atlas giveaway

The blog winner is none other than OK Kinderhook! She correctly guessed that my favorite travel necessity is a map and is the giveaway winner! She's a prolific writer and photographer who has a passion for travel. Her work appears on Red Gage at and you can follow her on Twitter at

Her correct guess has landed her a snazzy Rand McNally 2016 Gift Road Atlas. GPS is great, but what do you do when signal strength is the pits or the batteries are drained? I pull out a map and keep driving. It's the most reliable way to get around. Laugh at me for being old school if you want. I'll be waiting for you at the destination.

I hope OK Kinderhook enjoys her new Rand McNally atlas as much as I do. You'll be all set for your favorite 2016 road trip. Congratulations!!

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