Saturday, September 12, 2015

PT Cruiser has replaced PCM but fails to start

Darn! My 2005 PT Cruiser is still down even after we replaced the PCM. We're pretty much heading back to the drawing board on this repair. It could be a sensor, bad PCM, wiring harness, critter damage to wiring... Our mechanic and Hubby are learning toward the crazy expensive wiring harness. Would you believe the dealership quoted us $1,000? The poor guy behind the counter was a little sheepish when Hubby looked at him and said, "Really?" 

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My PT Cruiser may have 348,211 miles on it, but incurable optimism tells me that it has lots more miles left. It's just a matter of connecting the right wires to figure out how to get her back on the road- and the hard part of affording an engine wiring harness. Forget the idea that we're being gauged. An awesome certified mechanic has been helping us for free!!!

The news isn't bad in other areas.

Since the PT Cruiser doesn't start, there is time to tackle the backlog of articles. You can also look forward to improvements in my You Tube channel and a new website that's coming soon - all good things.

I still have the van camper to drive, and my daughter has a car now, but neither of those vehicles are my PT Cruiser. (You car enthusiasts know what I mean.) So, don't forget to keep visiting my blog to follow the progress of my little car. I hope to have her back on the road soon.

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