Friday, September 04, 2015

Save Boomsday effort gains support

Save Boomsday is an 11th hour effort to keep the event going. Boomsday 2015 will light up the skies over Knoxville for the last time. This year brings an end to the largest Labor Day fireworks show in the country. An entire generation grew up looking forward to Boomsday on Labor Day weekend. Now, Visit Knoxville says that Boomsday 2015 will be the end of an era.

I, along with many others, are not ready to say goodbye. WBIR is reporting that A Go Fund Me page has been started by Clint Miller. He hopes to Save Boomsday by asking for public donations. The problem with any grassroots effort is a lack of visibility. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms can help get the word out. It only takes a minute to tweet and another minute to make a donation.

One of my most fun memories is tied to Boomsday. I remember how my phone rang off the hook back in 1988. A newscaster commented that a women had gone into labor.
Heavily pregnant, my friends and family called hoping for happy news. It wasn't me. But, something took hold. My daughter enjoyed Boomsday the following year and for many years since.

The decision by Visit Knoxville to end Boomsday 2015 has been met with shock, dismay, and outright anger. The event started as a simple fireworks show, sponsored by a radio station and a start up fireworks company. If it can begin with humble roots by a few people, then it can be saved by the committed work of a lot of people. I'm donated $5.00 to the Go Fund Me link. How about you?

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