Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Chapel at Watson Lake, Yukon on the Alaska Highway

This old church in Watson Lake caught my eye. Known simply as "The Chapel", it's rustic persona blended well with the flavor of this portion of town. It is next to a gas station and motel, plus convenience store on the Alaska Highway in Watson Lake, Yukon.

I walked around The Chapel while Hubby pumped gas. The large lot in front of the building was easy to walk on, but the side and rear were a different story. Stick to the front of the building if you have mobility issues. That's where the interesting parts are anyway.

The young age of Watson Lake hit me when I read the sign in front of The Chapel.
The building was constructed as a nondenominational church in 1942. It was moved to its current site in the 1960s by the Baptist mission. The it was in the hands of one denomination after the other. Currently, the Liard Free Evangelical Church holds weekly services in the building.

I was caught off guard by the age of The Chapel. At home in Tennessee, Civil war era churches are the norm. Membership rolls often go back to before the civil war or to the founding of Knoxville in the 1700s. Denomination affiliation rarely changes unless there is a merger or major shift in the political climate.

The Alaska Highway provides many life evaluation moments. I stood there and wondered how the relative newness of the town and congregation effected the forward thinking attitudes of the area. Which came first? Was it the church or the desire to build it? How will the varied history effect the future of the area? The list could go on for days.

I was pondering the questions when Hubby called that it was time to go. The gas pump was long quit, supplies bought and ice chest filled. It really was time to continue our Alaska Highway road trip. My questions would go unanswered until next time. But, we have plans to revisit the famous Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake again one day, so the one thing that I know for sure is that there will be a next time. Maybe then I'll be able to plan ahead enough to attend a church service in The Chapel. Wouldn't that be cool?

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