Thursday, October 01, 2015

Walmart RV parking

Walmart RV parking is part of how I only spent $79 on a recent trip to Alaska. Hubby and I stayed in several locations and never felt unsafe. Almost all of the stores have security officers or cameras and they are lighted at night. We look for the cluster of other overnight RVs and pull right in - usually on the far corner of the lot. Easy, safe and free is tough to beat.

Walmart RV parking in Alaska
As per the screenshot below, company policy allows overnight parking. Some stores, like the Anchorage locations and the Turkey Creek store in Knoxville, cited local ordinances that prohibit the practice.

We also noticed an unofficial code of the road to follow when parking at Walmart. Leaving trash on the parking lot may get you yelled at by other campers. We saw this happen, so be sure to play by the rules. You don't want to be "that guy" that messes up a good thing for all of us - or upsets the neighbors.

RV parking policy
Use common sense with Walmart RV Parking. Always ask first, park second. Walmart Atlas lists stores where you can and can't park, but you still want to double check in case the information is outdated. Walk in and talk with a CSM or manager or at least call ahead. Do you really want to be awakened at 3:00 am by the jolt of a tow truck?

Remember this isn't camping, it's parking. Keep your slide-outs in, your pop-ups closed, your BBQ grills put away and your lawn chairs inside. We only stayed in one store where lawn chairs could be brought out. If in doubt, double check when you ask about staying.

Walmart doesn't let RVs and van campers park out of corporate generosity. The company lists RV travelers among their best customers. You probably need supplies anyway. Why not get them while you're here?

Most were upfront about allowing us to stay one night only. Move on when the gig is up.

Here is a video with more about Walmart RV parking or "camping"...

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