Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Harpoon Harry's Crab House, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

When we visited Pigeon Forge in April Harpoon Harry’s Crab House wasn’t quite ready for customers.  They did manage to open the next month.  We thought we would give it a try during out October visit since they should have most of the bugs worked out by now.

You can’t miss the restaurant; the giant sign can be seen from a distance.  We got there about 3:30 pm and the parking lot was just about empty.  The front entrance was nicely decorated for ‘Fall’. 

The Bar at Harpoon Harry's Crab House

As you enter it will take a while for your eyes to adjust.  Once they do you will see the huge bar in the middle of the room.  It has lights that morph from color to color and I imagine if you had a little too much to drink those lights might look a little strange!

We were greeted and asked if we wanted to sit inside or outside.  It was warm out, but we opted for indoor seating since I prefer to be comfortable.  The booths are very high and you need to be careful getting in and out.

We were handed a lunch menu, however, the item I wanted was only on the dinner menu, but the server said no problem.  My husband chose his item from the lunch menu, but when we got the check he was charged the dinner price.  We could have complained, but they were so slow about everything we didn’t want to hang around wafting for a manager.

Their prices are in line with other restaurants in this area.  Score 1 for them.

We started off with drinks and I did question the sweet tea.  Our server told me it is good (what else would she say?) and she was right.  It had good flavor and the right amount of sweetness.  Score 1 for them.

We ordered a half pound of peel and eat shrimp. They served the shrimp in a metal bucket that had ice covered by a layer of shredded lettuce with the shrimp on top.  The cocktail sauce had a nice kick to it, but we thought the shredded lettuce was a waste.  Score 1 for the shrimp, but minus 1 for the wasted lettuce.

Since I didn’t care for the veggie of the day I substituted a dinner salad of just lettuce with French dressing.  Warning, the French dressing is loaded with onion.  Score minus 1 for that.

My husband ordered beef tips in mushroom and onion sauce, which he enjoyed very much.  Score 1 for them.

I had a rib eye and boiled red potatoes and the steak was cooked medium, which is hard to do on a thin steak.  Score 1 for them.

Speed – this is a problem for them.  While our server took our orders and put them in it seemed like it took forever for our entrees to be delivered to our table.  As we sat and waited we watched at least 12 employees just walking around, not doing much of anything, talking on their cell phones.  Granted, the place wasn’t very busy, but someone could have removed the dirty dishes from our table.  That scores a minus 1.

Used dishes were not removed from the table promptly at all.  Considering there were so few customers the service was disappiniting.

There were pluses and minuses related to our trip to Harpoon Harry’s Crab House.  If you aren’t in a hurry then give them a try.  But if you don’t like to sit around waiting and waiting, choose another restaurant.  We can only hope that they get better with time.

For more information on this Pigeon Forge restaurant, click here.

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