Monday, October 19, 2015

McMinn Regional Humane Society in Athens, Tennessee

Thinking about adopting a puppy, cat or dog? I visited the McMinn Regional Humane Society in Athens, Tennessee in Athens, Tennessee to learn more about their program.  A lot of sweet dogs and cats are waiting for a forever home. Walking away from some of the faces was pretty tough, but our living situation isn't conducive to another pet right now. Highlighting the McMinn Regional Humane Society on my blog seems like a good way to help.

dog in pound
McMinn Regional Humane Society
You might guess that I am a fan of animal rescue! My dog, Tomlin, was rescued before he got to a shelter. From researching dog breeds it seemed that a husky mix would fit our family. I had just about given up when a friend called sharing news of a. The owner didn't want to take the puppies to the shelter, but might need to if the pups were adopted soon. Tomlin has been bounding through our lives ever since.

Sometimes people wonder what if they adopt a pet and it doesn't work out. This shelter has a provision for that. The McMinn Regional Humane Society in Athens will accept a return within two weeks. The only caveat is that you don't get your adoption fee back. Kara explains where your fee goes in the video below.

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