Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rochfort Bridge Trading Post in Alberta, Canada

In more of my series on the Alaska mission trip, let me introduce you to the Rochfort Bridge Trading Post and restaurant in Alberta, Canada. They ten minutes from Myerthorpe, AB, Canada, on Highway 43. We found the trading post just after seeing the Rochfort Bridge Trestle. The chocolate colored building of the Rochfort Bridge Trading Post, and fresh flowerpots that hang from the awning, remind me of storefronts in the old western movies. Certainly an inviting place to be sure.

There is a gift shop, restaurant and nice outdoor area off to the side of the building. We were able to park our van camper right in front of the door next to one of the large handicapped spaces. Even large RVs won't have a problem. The large parking lot has plenty of space.

My only comment is that the restaurant and store were a little dark. Otherwise, the inside is just as quaint as the outside. Picnicking at the Rochfort Trestle Bridge overlook was a mistake. Even one of the patrons said that not eating there was a mistake. The food smelled great, but we only needed sodas.

According to a patron, the burgers here are "out of this world". His word is enough for me to put lunch or dinner at the Rochfort Bridge Trading Post on my "next time" list. 

After leaving we drove on over to Myerthorpe. Although only ten minutes away, it was pouring when we arrived. I only paused long enough to take this photo. Another item for my growing "next time" list.

For the mileage buffs out there, we were just a few miles from the Rochfort Bridge Trading Post. Our mileage from home was about 2,485 miles.

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