Saturday, October 17, 2015

Starr Mountain Oysters brings pearls to Tennessee

Good news treasure hunters! If you've been dreaming about finding a pearl in an oyster, your search is over. Tara and Arlene at Starr Mountain Oysters in Tennessee are riding to your rescue. I was first introduced to these ladies when a friend had an oyster party.

What is an oyster party, you ask?  It is a home party. Except this time, what you're buying is a lot more fun than plasticity or other home products. At the end of this party you will walk away with your very own pearl from your very own oyster. How cool is that?

Festival display
Tara and Arlene Starr Mountain Oysters
What fun we had! Each of us got to choose a bead cage and an oyster. Four different colors are available, but, like a package on Christmas morning, you don't know what you get until the shell is opened.

One. Two. Three. Tara went to work to coax my pearl from its shell. You could tell that it was super-cozy in there because it didn't want to come out. She tapped it. Coaxed it. Pushed it, tugged it and then finally! The "pregnant" oyster gave birth to a 6 mm baby pink pearl. Soft and sweet, my new precious even glows in the sunshine.

Take a look at the video to see how much fun it is for yourself, be warned. You may want to sign up for a Starr Mountain Oysters party yourself. (Or at least catch up with them at a festival).

Tara says that some folks in Tennessee get corn from a jar. Well, good news. You can even get oysters in a jar to take home. Watch and see. She it explains it in the video.

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