Wednesday, October 07, 2015

When visiting Nashville check out The General Jackson Showboat

If you are planning a trip to Nashville, Tennessee you probably have places such as the Grand Ole Opry and The Ryman on your ‘to see’ list. Sure, those are wonderful places to visit, I’ve been to both of them and would go back to either in a heartbeat.

If you have been to the Opry previously, did you notice the General Jackson Showboat by any chance?  No?  If you haven’t been you should look for it during your next trip to Nashville.

The General Jackson Showboat is located at and if you already plan to be where the action is (close to the mall!) you might as well book a ‘river cruise’ and relax a few hours!

The General Jackson has show cruises featuring, what else, country music.  They have evening and daytime cruises.  Coming up soon will be their Christmas Cruise which must be fantastic with the performers filling the air with old favorite Christmas tunes.

Have I mentioned food?  Oh, my there is food, delicious food.  You get salad, main course, sides and of course out of this world desserts.

If you take the full deal you get the works from a tour of the pilot house to prime seating for dinner and the show.  There are way too many options and details for me to explain to you.  The best way to find out what’s available and how much these cruises cost go to their website (click here)  and you’ll have all the information at your fingertips.

What I can tell you is that years ago my husband and I met up in Nashville with some old friends from Indiana and we all took the cruise.  Since we didn’t have time to learn too much about the General Jackson beforehand, we weren’t sure about dinner so we just took the boat ride and show.  Once we saw the food we were drooling but it was too late for us.

Oh, just as a side note – the river that you will cruise on is the Cumberland River.  For some reason people not familiar with Tennessee ‘assume’ that it’s the Tennessee River.

The photo was taken as we left the General Jackson.  I have it in a frame and in a special place so that we remember the weekend we spent in Nashville, Tennessee and our little river cruise on the General.

FYI:  If you decide this is something you would enjoy, make sure to go for the whole thing:  cruise, meal and show – you won’t be sorry!

Tennessee Photo:
Photo belongs to AbbyG

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